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Contact Us

Torrey House Press
2806 Melony Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
(801) 209-1657

For all foreign and subsidiary rights inquiries, please contact our rights agent:

Nancy Stauffer Cahoon
Nancy Stauffer Associates, Literary Agents
30 Corbin Drive #1203
P.O. Box 1203
Darien, CT 06820 USA
Tel: 203 202 2500

Submission Information

Torrey House Press (THP) publishes Western literature and environmentally oriented fiction and nonfiction for the book trade.  We are interested in well-crafted works of narrative nonfiction and literary fiction with a natural history, environmental or a natural landscape theme, or about the politics and practice of sustainable living.

In an effort to be green and organized we strongly prefer that you submit your manuscript electronically through our submission manager link below.

If you have a completed work that you feel is a good fit for THP, please submit your entire manuscript along with a synopsis, some background on yourself and why you feel you are a good fit for THP, and your thoughts on who your market and readership is.

For queries on proposed work, please submit a one or two page overview of your book idea along with information about yourself, why you are qualified to write on the subject, who your audience is and how you would propose to market your work. 
If we like what we see we will request a full proposal.

For a full proposal, once requested, please include a cover letter, a resume, a preliminary table of contents, a one or two-paragraph summary of each chapter, a list of other books on the topic, details and specifics of your target audience, a summary of any market research you have done, and any completed chapters you have.

When you submit please tell us how you found us in your cover letter.

Thank you for your interest in Torrey House Press. Please allow up to three months for us to get back to you.

Submit manuscript here

16 Responses to Contact Us / Submissions

  1. Hi Gary, Please send your letter and your manuscript in via our submission manager via the “Submit manuscript here” link above.

  2. Aaron Holloway says:

    Do you accept Western Themed Narrative novels? Or are you primarily looking for short novelettes, novels and books on the politics and intricacies of modern western and sustainable living?

  3. Cathy says:

    I have an environmentally themed book but cowboys are bad guys. Is that acceptable?

  4. Stephen Gobby says:

    I have a completed novel set in 1885, partially in Montana and partially in Alberta, Canada. It is the story of two scouts (Kootenai Brown and Rattlesnake Jack) of the Rocky Mountain Rangers unknowingly being pursued by two villains (Flathead Joe and Billy Harper) in retribution for their respective brothers’ deaths years earlier. It is entitled Of Brothers and Assassins. Because of Canadian context, I’m wondering whether or not Torrey Press would be interested. I live in Sierra Vista, Arizona. This is a historical fiction. Would you be interested in this kind of novel?

  5. Steven Law says:

    I have a completed poetry manuscript. Most of the poems are about exploring the canyons of the Colorado Plateau either by foot or raft. Do you publish poetry?

    • Hi Steven,
      We have not published any poetry yet and I admit it is not very likely. But if you want to go to our Contact Us/Submissions page and send in your work, we will take a sincere look. -Mark

  6. Karen Brittle says:

    Would a manuscript that is primarily an animal-oriented (horses) memoir be likely to appeal? Thank you for the work you do!

  7. Do you publish, or will you consider publishing, a children’s picture book. My manuscript, Desert Diner, is based on the desert food chain. I am well-published in the children’s nonfiction field.

    • Hi Mary- We have yet to do our first children’s book and do not feel ready yet to adequately sell to that market. Thanks for asking and check back with us in about a year if you have this or another project– we may be up to speed by then. -Mark

  8. Shelby says:

    I am a very young writer that has written a book on breaking socio and economic confines in order to travel and live happily. While the book praises religious and culturally integration and understanding it has political tyranny and is majorly set within another country. Is this something that could be of interest to publish? Or due to the change if setting to a thirdworld country ( thats not western) it is not what the company is looking for?

  9. cynthiacarlisi says:

    Hello, I see the posts are from more than half a year ago. I hope this site is still active. I’ve written a book where great outdoor adventures of the west provide healing after trauma. Nature is my spiritual place, and I practice and teach yoga outdoors. I’ve rafted the Colorado and many other rivers, climbed multi pitch cliffs, surfed Pacific coast waves, and ridden horseback with cowboys, some wild and reckless, and some who prove to be the best friends and land stewards and upstanding honest people you’ll ever know. I’d like to submit my manuscript. Please let me know this is still the active way to connect. Thank you.

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