Welcome to Torrey House

The Story of My Heart cover rev

The Story of My Heart by Richard Jefferies
as rediscovered by
Brooke Williams & Terry Tempest Williams

“Brooke and Terry give a sense of cohesion to Jefferies’s writing, and leave readers with much to ponder about our own chaotic, fast–paced, work–obsessed world.”


by Barbara K. Richardson

2013 Utah Book Award Winner

“A quest to belong is the theme of this novel from Richardson, whose lyrical prose and heartfelt characters shine through. This novel has much to offer, including a balanced perspective on a controversial time in Mormon history, but its greatest gift is its wisdom about finding one’s own path.”    —Publishers Weekly

Pale Harvest FNLv7.indd

Pale Harvest
by Braden Hepner

“…a deeply moving and intellectually profound novel built on the iconic myth of the American West…A bravura debut.”
KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review)

29 cover FNLv2.indd

by Mary Sojourner

“[An] intoxicating, provocative, and gloriously told desert tale of wildness and community, unexpected bonds and deep legacies, trauma and healing.”
DONNA SEAMAN, BOOKLIST (starred review)

Introducing Green Shorts, an innovative e-book series from THP

green shorts

Charles Manson was an Environmentalist by Ralph Maughan
available now for Kobo, Kindle, and Nook!

View from THP Office

View from THP Office

Torrey House Press is an independent book publisher of fiction and nonfiction about the environment, people, cultures, and resource management issues relating to America’s wild places. Torrey House endeavors to increase appreciation for the importance of natural landscape through the power of pen and story.

3 Responses to Welcome to Torrey House

  1. Doug Peacock says:

    Great work. Also the best Carrier review I’ve read. Doug Peacock

  2. Eugene Homan says:

    My copy of The Story of My Heart ends at page 233, so I am missing the end of Scott Slovic’s essay. Please email to me the last pages.
    Thanks, Gene

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